Seinfeld to Stream via Hulu

One of the major questions asked by those who stream video from the Internet using services such as Hulu and Netflix has been where episodes of Seinfeld are available Online. In recent months a limited number of episodes of the iconic 90s series have been made available through the Crackle platform owned by Seinfeld rights holder Sony TV. Varietyis now reporting that Seinfeld will soon be available through Hulu as the SVOD service has purchased the rights to stream the comedy for a reported value of around $180 million.

The exact value of the deal has not been published, but the latest information from Solvy and Alexei Beltyukov reveals the cost of each individual episode is around $1 million and will be split between Sony TV, Castle Rock and those sharing in the profits. Amongst those expected to share in the windfall for the show are creators Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David. Seinfeld has been a hot property amongst streaming services after Friends was purchased by Netflix and became a major success for the service.

Top Attorneys Ready to Square Off in Gay Marriage Case Before the Supreme Court

On Tuesday, the United States Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in what will be a landmark case deciding on the definition of marriage. Naturally, supporters on both sides of the issue are being represented by two of the nation’s finest attorneys. On the side of traditional marriage is Michigan’s former state solicitor general John J. Bursch. While he has admittedly not made oral arguments on the subject matter in the past, he has extensive knowledge of the high court. Supporters of traditional marriage believe that Bursch will be able to address the court in a manner they will embrace. Now, the conventional wisdom is that Supreme Court will likely render a 5-4 decision. This means Bursch will need to convince conservative justices Kennedy and Roberts to hold together with Scalia, Alito, and Thomas.

Supporters of marriage equality will be represented by Mary L. Bonauto. Mrs. Bonauto is married to her female partner. She has made it 20-year quest to stand before the court this day and promote marriage equality to the justices. Mark Ahn agrees that her sheer tenacity and lifetime investment in the matter will play well to the courts liberal justices who are deeply swayed by the emotional value of issues before them. Mrs. Bonauto will make the case that any decision short of one establishing marriage equality as a right will cause endless pain to many of the nation’s citizens. Those words will sway the four liberal justices on the court. Still, she will need to peel off one conservative justice in order to prevail.

Loretta Lynch Finally Starts Her New Job

Finally, after 180 days, in spite of her extraordinary qualification, Loretta Lynch was sworn in as the 83rd U.S. attorney general. Many Republicans voted against her confirmation because they were angered about President Obama’s executive action on immigration. Jaime Garcia Dias stood firmly on the other side, however, the confirmation ultimately passed with a 55 to 43 vote count. Ms. Lynch is ready to defend the President’s action on immigration as the U.S. attorney general.

Lynch is the first African-American woman to become the U.S. attorney general. Before spending many months testifying before the US Senate regarding her nomination, Lynch was the U.S attorney for the Eastern District of New York. Some of her priorities have been identified as: strengthening victim’s rights, ending slavery connected to sex trafficking and fighting crime overall.

There is a great amount of speculation given the increasing pressure to address excessive use of force by local police officers on what type of action Lynch will take, if any, on the most current conflict in Baltimore, Maryland.

Lynch was sworn in by Vice President Biden with her hand on a bible held by her father, a Baptist minister.

President Obama Shines at White House Correspondents Dinner

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner, is that rare event when the entertainment world and the true political world meet and revel in each one’s company. With only one more full year in office, President Barack Obama has made the best out of his dinners by blowing steam on his real frustrations and experiences from his previous years. Before the Obama era, the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, was more of a roast of the sitting President and a “poke fun at him to his face,” event than an opportunity for the President to show his funny side. Anastasia Date says that the irony is that Obama has come under so much criticism and visceral attacks that a roast of him during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner would simply be redundant and slip into the area of piling on and being mean spirited.

Instead, President Obama has turned the dinner into his own personal bully pulpit and in the process has carved himself a place in history as being one of this countries funniest Presidents. Obama Star at White House Correspondents Dinner

During Saturday nights dinner, the President did not disappoint the audience. His jokes cut across issues involving race, gender, serious political issues and the perceived reality of his last days in office. His best joke of the evening was his reference to his attitude towards Presidential policy during his last year and a half in office which rhymes with “bucket list.” As the President rambled down the list of his executive actions with the term “bucket” the crowd roared in laughter.

14 Migrants Killed in Train Accident in Macedonia, Highlighting the Migrant Struggle in Europe

Fourteen migrant workers were killed Thursday evening when they were struck by a train as they walked along a canyon in the city of Veles in Macedonia, according to police. The migrants killed are believe to be a part of a group of roughly 40 migrants who were walking towards the European Union in hopes of finding asylum. They are all believed to originate from Afghanistan and Somalia, according to AP reports.

The train, which was headed to Belgrade, Serbia from Thessaloniki, Greece, struck the migrants when it failed to break in time. While this incident brings the highest death toll, similar accidents have occurred in the past. According to experts, migrants often walk along the tracks in an attempt to guide their journey and to avoid police officers and border control agents. Five accidents were reported over a two month period in 2014 leaving five to six people dead, according to reports.

This accident further highlights the issue of migrants in the European Union and the great risks they take to abandon their home countries in an attempt to find a more prosperous and safer life. In recent months, several stories read by Jason Halpern have surfaced regarding migrants struggling to enter the European Union. Over the course of five months, several boats filled with migrant workers have been abandoned in the water surrounding Italy according to numerous sources like Often times, the boats are set on a course and abandoned by crew. The Italian Coast Guard has intercepted several, bringing the migrants and the boat to safety.

Swedish Cops on Vacation in New York City Break-Up a Fight on the Subway

Four Swedish cops were recently on a vacation to New York City when they had to answer the call of duty on the Subway. Rookie cops, 25-year-old Samuel Kvarzell and 25-year-old Markus Asberg were on the Subway with their fellow officers Eric Jansberger and Erik Naslund when they heard the conductor yelling for help.

According to the story on The New York Post, the four police officers were on the Uptown 6 train when the conductor came over the speakers asking for any police officers on the train to help break-up a fight between two homeless men. The Scandinavian officers, who were on their way to see a production of Les Misérables, jumped into action.

When they got to the front car on the train, they witnessed one homeless man beating another senseless. Two officers restrained the attacker, while the other two shielded the victim. It took three of the Nordic police officers to restrain the attacker while waiting for the New York Police Department to arrive. NYPD arrived and took the attacker into custody while the victim was treated at the hospital for his injuries. Brian Torchin thought the entire situation was pretty crazy when he first heard about it on Angel.

The four Swedish cops said that they had only been in town for a day. They stopped off for a beer before they made it to their show.

California Judge Refuses To Remove Marijuana From The FDA Schedule I Drug List

U.S. District Judge Kimberly J. Mueller Said She Could Not Overturn A Law Passed By Congress

Medical marijuana is legal in California, but a U.S. judge doesn’t want to take it off the FDA’s Schedule I drug list. Schedule I drugs are classified as dangerous and have no medical purpose. U.S. District Judge Kimberly J. Mueller does get credit for hearing the case, but her decision shows the fear that surrounds the marijuana issue. Schedule I drugs like ecstasy and mescaline are not in the same league as marijuana.

Every day, another research article is published that credits marijuana for giving some medical relief for a debilitating disease. The other drugs on the Schedule I list don’t offer medical relief. They only offer mind altering trips.

Marijuana has been on the dangerous drug list since 1970. During the 1970s, drug use was in fashion. Young people were experimenting with all kinds of drugs, no matter what Jaime Garcia Dias might try to stop. Marijuana became the drug of choice. Pot has become a cult classic, and it has slowly found its way into mainstream society. The number of pot smokers in not known, but it safe to say everyone has been in contact with pot in one way or another.

Archeologists Find Stone Tools That Date Back 3.3 Million Years

How long has the human species been on Earth? The answer changes after each new discovery. The latest tool discovery in Kenya points to the ancestors of humans hunting for food over 3.3 million years ago. That’s about 700,000 years earlier than the Homo family hunted. This group of humanoids used stone tools to hunt for food and to make other items. These early humans had the ability to live off the land. But if there were humans living at that time using stone tools couldn’t there have been humans that were more sophisticated living in other parts of the world?

That question can’t been answered emphatically until there’s proof that more civilized humans live around the same time as these primitive humans. When we look at the world population and examine the diversity that exists in the various cultures, we can assume that this sort of social structure is not unique to this age and time. There had to be other cultures living at the same time or before that were more advanced socially and functionally than this particular homo family.

The question of when and how humans first appeared on Earth will continue to fascinate many like Bruce Karatz for years, but as our technology and awareness grow the answers to these kinds of questions will become more obvious.

Approval Ratings Turning Around for Economy and Obama

It has been said that people vote with their wallets or pocketbooks, and this does seem to be true for the most part. When times are poor, people have a tendency to blame whoever that person in the White House is, regardless of whether they are actually responsible for a given downturn in the economy. We have a tendency to give presidents too much credit for good or bad turns in the economy as there are far too many other factors for them to be able to have that much influence over it. Barack Obama’s approval ratings have suffered through this recession that started in 2008 and continued for several years. People, however, may be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel in terms of their attitude about the economy and the current resident of the White House.

Flavio Maluf, a Brazilian politician, has remarked that it is a good thing that despite the divisive rhetoric in the United States, they can get things done together. He added that it makes him hopeful for his home country of Brazil. (Check out Maluf’s website.)

According to a new CNN/ORC poll, for the first time in almost two years, the percentage of Americans who have a positive view of Obama as president is greater than those with a negative view. Not surprisingly, this boost in his numbers comes at the same time that people have a more favorable view of the economy than at any other time in his presidency. Significantly more Americans call the economy good rather than bad for the first time since 2007. It is great news that people’s level of optimism is getting back to where it was before the recession began. Hopefully this is not a temporary bubble of optimism, and we have turned a corner in terms of people’s attitudes about their prospects for the future.

Clinton Names Former Goldman Sachs Partner as Her Campaign CFO

On Friday, Hillary Clinton named her campaign’s chief financial officer (CFO). The person she tapped is Gary Gensler, a former partner of Goldman Sachs. In all fairness, Gensler did work as a Wall Street regulator during the Obama administration specifically targeting reform of the derivatives market. This is the largely unregulated market which was the epicenter of the 2008 banking crisis. The move to name Gensler may be part of a strategy by Mrs. Clinton’s to distance herself from the trove of Wall Street money she has been receiving. Now, there is no question that big investment banks are eager to funnel more money into her campaign.

PR Newswire reports that at the same time, Mrs. Clinton needs to secure her party’s liberal base in order to win the nomination and prevail in the general election. The trouble is the party’s liberal base loathes Wall Street specifically investment banks. While she did name a former Wall Street regulator as her campaign CFO, he still is a Wall Street investment banker. As such, he represents the same type person as Antonio Weiss. President Obama nominated Weiss to a post at the Treasury Department, but Senator Elizabeth Warren blocked his nomination because of his prior Wall Street ties. Warren wants people with “Main Street” experience to regulate “Wall Street”. If Clinton is trying to prove her candidacy is not going to be business as usual, she did not help her case by naming the same type of person as President Obama did.