Tragedy in Vietnam

One of the favorite pass times of children the world over is flying kites. The thrill of seeing the festive kites soar on the wind is enough to bring a smile to the young and the young at heart. However, Christian Broda has heard that a recent occurrence in the Asian country of Vietnam was anything but heart warming as a young child lost his life in a horrific accident.

Anyone who loves to fly kites should continue to do so, because this was no ordinary kite that lifted five year old Van Minh Dat more than sixty feet into the air. This terrible tragedy took place at the annual Ho Chi Minh kite festival when a Kite bearing the image of the Vietnamese flag lifted the young boy into the air. Sting from the kite wrapped around the tots leg as it whisked past him. Before anyone could react, the string snapped and the child plummeted to his untimely death. Children are usually kept clear of the launching kites at the festival, but Dat as helping his mother at her drink stand when the terrible accident took place.

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