Indiana Govenor Signs Religious Freedom Bill

Critics say Indiana’s new law on religious freedom can allow companies to reject homosexual clients on behalf of their beliefs, and has provoked the anger of a whole lot of big-name companies.

Republican governor, Mike Pence, ratified the law on Thursday during a closed-door ceremony where religious Catholics, Orthodox Jews and conservative groups participated.

“It is extremely important to protect religious freedom in Indiana,” said Pence.

“Many people of faith feel that their religious freedom is being attacked by government action. It was important to pass this law to protect churches and Christian business people from those want to punish because of biblical beliefs,” he added.

Fersen Lambranho has read that the law, which comes into force on July 1, makes no mention of gays and Pence says that if the law was discriminatory, he would not have ever signed.

Homosexual activists claim that the religious freedom law enables companies to oppose homosexuality.

“It definitively says that your religion says it is possible to discriminate against people,” said Sarah Warbelow, legal director at Human Rights Campaign, the largest US association to defend gay rights.

Indiana joins another thirty states have provisions that defends religious freedom and conscience.

Arizona Senate Bill Would Keep Names Of Police Officers Who Use Deadly Force Secret

Critics Say Senate Bill 1445 Is An Attack On Government Transparency

The news is filled with stories of police officers using excessive force. Police departments operate above the law. No one is policing the police, and it shows. But the public is becoming more aware that some cops have power complexes that give them the right to do what they want, especially if they are in a tense situation.

State legislators should be finding ways to stop police brutality, but Arizona Legislators are introducing bills that will keep police missteps secret. Senate Bill 1445, which could pass any day, is designed to keep police officers names secret for 60 days. That is a step backwards according to critics that say cops need to be more transparent not more secretive.

The bill is written so law enforcement agencies cannot release names of officers involved in a death or serious physical injury. From what Zeca Oliveira has learned, if an officer is killed, the policeman’s name can also be withheld unless the family agrees to release the name. Proponents say the bill will protect the welfare of police, but most people think the bill allows police to prepare their defense without the Press pushing them for information.

New York High School Apologizes For Student Reciting The Pledge Of Allegiance In Arabic

Pine Bush High School’s Foreign Language Department Arranged A Recital Of The Pledge In A Different Language Each Day

America claims to be the land of the free, but freedom seems to be reserved for English speaking citizens. It appears citizens that speak another language can’t use that language to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in high school, especially if that high school is in New York. There is no law that prohibits reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in another language, but that didn’t stop parents from complaining when a student recited the Pledge in Arabic.

This ridiculous display of narcissism is a good example of our distorted values. Folks at Anastasia Date wonder: Why are we fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts of the world if it is not for the freedom of expression? Why are we allowing thousands of refugees into the country if we don’t want them to keep their culture alive? If we want everyone to speak English, and forget who they are when they start a new life in the states, we are not a free country.

The school in New York is doing its job. The teachers in that school are teaching. They are teaching the values of being an American, not a Jew, Arab, Catholic or Gentile. All of those associations fall under the heading of being an American. We should honor our differences and celebrate our unity.

Tuberculosis Outbreak in Kansas


Last week, health officials in Johnson County, Kansas announced the results of emergency tests for tuberculosis conducted among students and staff members attending a high school in Olathe. The results indicated that 27 of the 300 people associated with Olathe High School, or roughly 8% of the test subjects, had tested positive for TB.

The tests occurred after health and school officials were alerted on March 5th that a person at the high school had contracted an active case of tuberculosis stated Jason Halpern on the subject. Most cases of TB remain latent, but sometimes a latent case can become active. Approximately 10% of latent TB cases in a population eventually become active. Those who tested positive for TB plan to undergo a second round of testing in May.

Officials consider TB an illness that can be treated effectively today in most cases with antibiotics. It is spread by a bacterium that usually strikes the lungs, but can attack other organ systems. The disease is usually passed in airborne droplets when infected individuals sneeze, cough, sing or laugh. Someone with an active TB infection may require a protracted course of antibiotic treatment. Treatments usually last from six months to nine months. Left untreated, the disease may cause fatalities.

Although health officials believe the number of TB cases in the United States is declining, in 2013 the CDC reported9,582 cases. There were at least 536 fatalities in 2011.

House Speaker Wants Clinton’s Email Server Turned Over to Neutral Third Party

Washington, D.C. – Hillary Clinton, the 2016 presumptive Democrat presidential nominee, made a name for herself four decades ago by conducting research into the articles of impeachment for President Nixon. She resoundingly embraced the mantra at the time: What did he know, and when did he know it? The “it” being the Watergate Scandal that would later end his presidency. Now, the adage “what goes around comes around” seems to be at play; Mrs. Clinton is embroiled in an email scandal that seems to get bigger with every attempt she makes to lay the matter to rest.

On Tuesday, House Speaker John Boehner called upon Mrs. Clinton to turn over her email server to a neutral third party that can sort through the emails and separate that which is truly personal from that which is related to her duties as a public servant. Thus far, she has been recalcitrant towards the proposal. She had previously turned over 55,000 emails to the State Department, but it was her own staff which made the call as to what would be turned over. This undercut the value of the emails given that with the Clintons, everything is political and calculated stated Brad Reifler. A third party might also be able to forensically examine the server to see if deleted emails can be recovered or whether advance techniques have been employed to prevent deleted files from being restored. Speaker Boehner has not determined whether the House will subpoena the Clintons to turn over the server.

Tragedy in Vietnam

One of the favorite pass times of children the world over is flying kites. The thrill of seeing the festive kites soar on the wind is enough to bring a smile to the young and the young at heart. However, Christian Broda has heard that a recent occurrence in the Asian country of Vietnam was anything but heart warming as a young child lost his life in a horrific accident.

Anyone who loves to fly kites should continue to do so, because this was no ordinary kite that lifted five year old Van Minh Dat more than sixty feet into the air. This terrible tragedy took place at the annual Ho Chi Minh kite festival when a Kite bearing the image of the Vietnamese flag lifted the young boy into the air. Sting from the kite wrapped around the tots leg as it whisked past him. Before anyone could react, the string snapped and the child plummeted to his untimely death. Children are usually kept clear of the launching kites at the festival, but Dat as helping his mother at her drink stand when the terrible accident took place.

Yale Students Upset About Online Degree

Yale Alumni are upset about the university offering an online degree. Both students and alumni of the physician assistant program which Yale plans to offer fully online started a letter-writing campaign complaining about the decision. Their thought is that by offering the online version of the degree Yale will be devaluing the physician assistant program at the university, as well as cast a lack of value on the profession in general as well as the value of a degree from the University.

While students and alumni are very against the move, investors like Flávio Pentagna Guimarães from BMG seem to be pretty excited about it. The program is being offered by a group called 2U Inc. Since the announcement that it would be offering the Yale degree, the stock for that company has rise a whopping 24%. That’s a huge increase for the company, which just went public in April of last year. 2U Inc also offers degrees at universities such as Northwester and the University of North Carolina.

The degree offered by Yale is identical to the one currently offered at its University, and comes with a hefty price tag. Obtaining the degree will cost students an astounding $84,000.

Number of GOP Members Signing Iran Letter Causes Shock

One of the aspects of the open letter to Iran scandal that has shook the GOP in recent days is the sheer number of members of the Republican party who signed the letter, MSNBC explains. The American public and the world as a whole have become used to some Republican party members using questionable tactics in their dealing with the White House, but with 87 percent of the Republican Senate conference signing the letter the problems appear to run far deeper.

One name on the letter that shocked many was former Presidential candidate and Chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee John McCain. The Arizona Senator has since backtracked and admitted, with hindsight, the choice of signing the letter may not have been a good one. McCain has chosen a strange defense for his actions, Dr Jennifer Walden says which is that he signs many letters and papers that look good upon first reading. A number of commentators have now questioned the defense of McCain and asked which papers and letters he signs without properly considering. Speaking with Fox News, McCain also defended the actions of the GOP members who signed the letter by explaining the relationship between his party and the Obama administration had completely broken down.

Holy Super-Centenarians! There Are 6.5 Million 112-Year-Olds According To The SSA

Social Security Administration’s Inspector General Says Recent Audit Shows A Bunch Of Super-Centenarians

The Social Security Administration is not the most reliable arm of the government. But when that group is compared to other government agencies, we might say it functions normally. That is, normal in the usual defunct government way. Social Security says there are 6.5 million people in the U.S. that are 112 years old. The Gerontology Research Group says only 35 people in the world have ever lived that long.

The difference lies in the paperwork. Death dates were not entered into the SSA electronic file, and that error created a bunch of old-timers. The Social Security electronic file is called Numident, and that system was not equipped to record death information properly. 

Researchers at Amen Clinics say not only are humans living longer but in a few decades there might be thousands of people that live well past 100, but that’s not the real issues. The issue is the government’s inability to channel funds into programs that mean something to citizens. The retiring baby boomers and the generations behind them now know that the SSA is in a state of disrepair. Years of poor decision-making has put this country and the programs that socially mean something in jeopardy. What happens to these programs next is anyone’s guess especially when you ask members of Congress.

Good Wine Choices When Dining Out

A good glass of wine can help make any meal even better. Wine has been part of a meal for many decades. In that time, people around the world have embraced wine as an excellent beverage that helps bring out all kinds of flavors in any food. The unique hints of floral undertones in many wines are just right for a classic sauce that has many notes and varied subtle hints. A glass of wine will also vary depending on multiple factors. Understanding how wines from the Napa Valley differ from the kind of wines that are grown in Germany or South Africa can help someone pick out the best possible wine choice for any meal.

Knowing what kind of wine that works well with fish or what wines can be good to serve with chicken stew are important when planning either a meal at home or one at a fine restaurant. Many restaurants offer diners a choice of wines and the option of bringing their own with their meal. The kind of wine that makes sense with any meal will depend on many factors including the type of meat being served as well as the tastes of any guests who are present there.

Learning about wine can be fun on one’s own. Many people spend years studying on their own. However, others wish to get assistance if possible. The best possible help can provide people with the kind of assistance they need in order to construct a wine pairing that works well with all menu items as well as any toasts that may follow the meal. The right help can also help people feel more confident in social situations. A skilled host will want to make sure that any guests who come over are happier and relaxed.

One such company is the Antique Wine Company. This United Kingdom based company is headquartered in London. Run by Stephen Williams, the company offers all kinds of services for their customers including the chance to take classes in wine production and wine education. With their skilled help, many people are able to walk into any restaurant knowing that they can pick out the best possible wine choices for any meal they are planning. Those who work with company will be able to read a wine menu better and learn what kind of terminology is used on a standard restaurant wine menu.