Brad Reifler Teaches Proper Investment Strategy

Many people entering the world of finance and investing are finding that it is more competitive than ever and becoming successful in the field is quite difficult compared to the past, especially with more people attempting to enter the field. Persistence and the willingness to set goals for oneself is a must for anyone that expects to make it in the industry. Brad Reifler is the perfect example of what setting goals and being persistent about reaching them, which he has been doing for decades, building his experience in the correct techniques for good investments and success. Currently, Brad is the founder and Chief Executive Officer at Forefront Capital LLC, and over the years he has founded a variety of different companies and sold them for a profit. Brad’s impressive track records shows that he knows what is needed to be a successful entrepreneur.

Brad got started off in finances at quite a young age, and he was always spending his time trying to learn more about the field whenever he could. After spending years learning about investing and business, Brad took his knowledge and used it to start up his very own business, Reifler Trading, which was focused on futures investments. It wasn’t long before the company took off and became a success, bringing great results for everyone involved. After the company reached a point where Brad was happy with what it had achieved, he sold the company in 2000 to move on to new business opportunities.

After selling off his company, Brad had an idea for a new one already ready. He started up a firm that worked in the equity market and hedge funds, known as Pali Capital. For more than 13 years he managed the company as CEO creating a platform for success. Over the course of that time the company managed to gross over a billion dollars from its commissions, making Pali Capital one of Brad’s most successful businesses. When it comes to the world of investing and finance, Brad Reifler has the knowledge and expertise to help up and coming entrepreneurs get started making better investments and earning like a top investor.  Check him out on Twitter @BradleyR, or read the full article about Brad here:

How Ken Goodrich Has Transformed Goettl Air Conditioning

When Ken Goodrich bought Goettl Air Conditioning in December 2012, the company was performing at an all-time low. It had no corporate vision and was experiencing high employee turnover. The employees lacked motivation while competitors were threatening legal action against the firm. Less than two years down the line, Mr. Goodrich had transformed Goettl into a profit making venture. Its revenue similarly grew in leaps and bound. This is attributed to the fresh lease of life that was injected into the firm’s setup.

Goettl Building off Rock-solid Foundation

The first step that was taken by Goodrich and his team was the implementation of a growth strategy, which was made known to all employees of the firm. This strategy gave employees the ability to transact business on behalf of the firm. The leadership team was also made aware of the fact that criticism is normal to any business. This greatly helped turn around the fortunes of the previously flailing company.

The assembly of a new management team has bolstered Goettl. The company’s staff has also been invigorated and now has 84 employees, who are highly motivated under the leadership of Dan Burke. The company’s reputation has also been restored. This has seen it become a leading provider of AC services in Las Vegas.

The firm has steadily been gaining a foothold in the air conditioning industry since its formation. Originally formed in 1939, Goettl entered the Nevada market thirty years later. It was however forced to lose its operations in 2007 after the industry was hit by the economic meltdown of 2007.

Goettl’s takeover by Ken Goodrich has seen the firm regain the previous market dominance that it had in Nevada. Its recent upturn in fortunes has been attributed to strategic leadership put in place by Goodrich. With revenues topping the million-dollar ceiling, the sky seems to be the limit for Goettl.

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Kate Hudson Through Fabletics Inspiring Healthy Living

For most of the people who have gotten a chance to meet and spend time with Kate Hudson, they will describe her as being lively and just full of life. She was born 1979 April 19 to Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson, in Los Angeles California. You can bet that she was born in an active family. According to an interview with Elle Magazine, Kate admits this saying, “we are obviously a family of storytellers and active people who make movies but underneath all that we are all very athletic.” She continues to narrate that her mother was a dancer, dad a baseball player, brother a hockey player, and herself a dance and soccer player. It is evident that they grew up very active.

Kate considers Kurt Russell as her father since him, and her mother raised her up. She has a blood brother, Oliver Hudson, currently an actor who is a half sister to Wyatt Russell, who is also an actor and hockey player. She is a granddaughter to a famous band musician Rut Hawn. She is the kind of the people who are very hard to trace their roots as her maternal grandmother is a Jew hailing from Hungary, while the paternal grandmother is Italian.

Kate was a bright little girl, and everyone had hoped she would join New York University after high school; however this was not the case. Instead, she saw it fit to venture into professional acting, making her first big screen appearance, where she took the role of an ambitious young starlet stranded in a small town in California. The film was called Desert Blue. She made yet another impressive turn in 1999, in the movie 200 Cigarettes. She did two more movies in the year 2000, Gossip and Almost Famous.

According to Elle Magazine at, Kate Hudson’s lifestyle site which has fitness tips and healthy recipes and her set of shorts, sports bra, and leggings, Kate hopes to inspire healthy lifestyle across the globe.

Her love for athletics, health, and fitness, and fashion would later find a place to payoff with the advent of Fabletics, an initiative that she co-owns together with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler and launched on October 1, 2013. At Fabletics retailer, buyers can shop for women’s sportswear and accessories. Based on one’s lifestyle and fashion preference, customers can now shop for their favorite and personalized outfit. Fabletics forms part of JustFab.

As of June 2015, Fabletics together with Oliver Hudson, Kate’s brother started FL2, men’s wear line. In the same year, September and October, its brick and mortar retail stores and malls were opened. The following year, 2016, Fabletics went from just selling sport and men wear to swimsuits and dresses.

Stephen Murray and His Career

Stephen Murray was born on August 2, 1962, and he died on March 12, 2015. He was only 52 years old and left behind a wife named Tami Murray and together they had four sons. In 1984, Murray graduated from Boston College with a degree in economics. He later earned a masters degree in Business Administration in 1989 from Columbia Business School. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

In 1989 he started in the early 1980’s. Murray was a philanthropist and a private equity investor. He started at a company named Chemical Venture Partners, which is a division of Chemical bank. In 2005, Murray was the leader of the buyout business at J.P Morgan Partners, which lead the firm through a spin out in 2006.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was a man of many different talents. He was a president and CEO of private equity firm CCMP Capitol. He didn’t become CEO until 2007. According to many, he was a great deal maker, investor, and he spent most of his career in private equity.

He left behind a great contribution with the company, he was a huge success for the CCMP company. In 2014, the firm closed in September after raising a large amount of money and Murray was a big part of that. Murray had been at the firm since 1989, and left the firm in February, due to health related complications, and passed away not long after.

Stephen Murray did big things for the company. after leaving J.P Morgan with Murray at the Helm, CCMP raised two more multi-billion dollar funds and closed by September, raising 3.6 billion dollars. He also supported many great things such as Make-A-Wish foundation of Boston College, Metro New York, Stamford Museum, Columbia Business School, and the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County.

Stephen Murray was a chairman of the board of trustees at both the Make-A-Wish foundation, and Boston College. He had a great career and he may be gone, but never forgotten. He left behind many great contributions to many different company’s.

Will A Candidacy From Jose Manuel Gonzalez Make A Difference?

Jose Manuel Gonzalez would be one of the first people from the working classes to be elected to a position in the Venezuelan government in a long time, and he does not want to change his career to politics. He wants to get away from people who are making their living working for the government, and he just wants to be someone who gives his ideas to the government and then goes back to his businesses. His is running for a seat in the government because he thinks that he can help, and he wants to start by changing the culture.

The culture change that would happen if people like Jose Manuel Gonzalez are elected could be pretty massive. Every single one of these people thinks in roughly the same way that Jose Manuel Gonzalez does. He believes that he has something important to say, but he does not want to spend all his time saying it. He thinks that it makes more sense to work part time in government, and he hopes that some of those savings can go to helping people with the general operation of the government.

Running the government of Venezuela like a business could be a pretty big change for the people, and it will help deal with the major recession that the country is now in. The economy is not performing at all, and it will continue to fade if normal people like Jose Manuel Gonzalez are not allowed to step in. Jose Manuel Gonzalez runs a business every day, and he knows how to keep the books for a company. There are others running who might be able to do the same thing, and that is how they hope to pull Venezuela out of the hole that the it is in at the moment.

Anthony Marsala from Madison Street Capital Receives Recognition from NACVA

Last Year, the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts recognized the Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of Madison Street Capital, Anthony Marsala as one of the 40 Under Forty honorees. Marsala was one of many nominees for the 2015 program, who were chosen due to their contributions in various fields such as mergers and acquisitions, expert witness testimony, business valuation, litigation consulting as well as financial forensics.

The 40 Under Forty Program

The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts together with the Consultants’ Training Institute established the 40 Under Forty program to identify exceptional leaders in professional careers such as financial consulting. Industry leaders honored by this program are acknowledged for their achievements and contributions in their respective profession, communities, and future activities. The Executive Staff from both NACVA and CTI executed the 2015 selection of outstanding industry leaders and experts.

Over 125 nominees of the 2015 program featured in numerous media platforms that included the NACVA’s Association News, The Value Examiner, press releases as well as the QuickReadBuzz Blog. The publicity was done all through the 2015 period before the announcement of the honorees by the judges.

Anthony Marsala

Marsala prides himself as an alumnus of the Loyola University of Chicago where attained knowledge in Information Systems and Finance. He also boasts of a Master’s Diploma in Strategy from the University of Oxford. Other than being the Chief Operating Officer of Madison Street Capital, he possesses membership in the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts as well as the American Society of Appraisers.

He is known for spearheading the operations of Madison in the international domain such as Asia, Europe, and Africa. Further, he is in charge of the analytical and due diligence teams that execute business valuation activities on behalf of Madison’s M&A and Corporate Finance customers.

Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is the world’s leading investment banking institution that is devoted towards high standards of professionalism and integrity. It provides services that include valuation, corporate financial advisory, financial opinions as well as mergers and acquisitions expertise to privately and publicly owned enterprises. This is done through its numerous offices, which are based in Africa, North America, and Asia. The offices are operated by experts, who are well-versed with seasoned industrial knowledge.

The professionals at Madison have the ability to take up clients’ needs as their own, which allows them to identify the ideal match between sellers and buyers, produce capitalization structures as well as arrange cost-effective financing. Madison also takes part in community and charity efforts such as the United Ways. It firmly believes in creating strong business relationships in communities. This has allowed Madison to make significant achievements in communities across the global divide.

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How Does Devco Aid Cities in New Jersey With Development?

There are a lot of cities in New Jersey that are in need of help with development, and they can get the help they need from Devco. The Press of Atlantic City had a good piece on this, and they explain how easy it is for a city to recover when they actually have help from the outside. Devco comes in with the loans that are needed, and then they share a plan with the city that will help them put in new developments. The most popular way to do this is with hotels and casinos. These buildings will bring in more commerce, and they will come with a plan that will show much in tax revenue can be generated to pay the loans.

Devco helps all these cities get better results, and then they are there to show these cities how they can have much better results on the whole. This is very important for the people of every city because they need to have a much stronger tax base to rely on, and it even helps the schools get better. That means that the developments are going to be able to bring in more jobs, and they will actually attract more businesses.

Some people are going to be able to move into the area or get a better place to live in the area because they will be able to have a nicer job. There are a lot of jobs that people can have, and then they will be able to see a new life around the corner. The city will be able to make enough money to get their loan paid, and then they will be able to have a new career that is based around the hotels and the casinos. This will help everyone, and a downtrodden area will recover.


Goettl: A company for the community.

On May 12, 2016, PRNewswire wrote an article about Nick Hughes, who formerly worked in the US Navy and was set to graduate from a two-year applied science in air conditioning program at the University of Nevada. Nick was a recipient of the 9/11 Veteran Tools Award, an Award sponsored by Ken Goodrich, the owner of Goettl Air Conditioning.

The 9/11 Veteran Tools Award allowed Nick to select $1000 worth of tools to kickstart his career. The award is different to many traditional college scholarships or endowments. This is not the first donation given by Goodrich. It is, in fact, the second. Goodrich, apart from owning Goettl, sponsors the “Son of a Gun” Scholarship and the J. Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Lab at CSN. The “Son of a Gun” Scholarship is awarded to an ongoing student from a multiple generation family in the air conditioning industry.

Goodrich said that he had learned through the course of his career that people from the military make excellent employees and that the scholarship was a good chance to help such people start out strong in the HVAC industry.

The applied science department chair at the college, Dennis Soukup, said he and Goodrich collaborated and based the award benefits on individual experience when the award was initially created. The award is in its second year and each year, a graduating student will be able to receive it. Soukup mentioned that when he came out of school in the past, he only had screwdrivers, nuts and bolts and could not afford all that was offered by the Award. Back in the day when you finally got a job, the employer took the cost of the tools out of your check.

Nick, who excelled at the two-year program and currently works for a local HVAC contracting firm, worked for seven years as a cook in the Navy. He is a California native. He said that tools needed for the job were a lot and very expensive. He was also thankful for the support the community gave him and praised Goettl saying that they were ‘connected.’

Goettl Air Conditioning is a trusted air conditioning and heating company in Phoenix, AZ. Phoenix experiences temperatures above 90oF for almost a third of the year. Hence, it is not ideally a place you would want to live without an air conditioner. Goettl offers a variety of services including but not limited to installation of central air pumps, air cleaners, UV germicidal lights, ductless mini splits, radiant heat systems, and humidifiers.

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Recently on Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio, Mr. Sanjay Shah was interviewed by the host Eric Dye. The show serves as a platform for other aspiring entrepreneurs to gain advice, information, inspiration and motivation from successful entrepreneurs all around the globe. The interview gave rise to interesting subjects such as the genius behind the creation of Solo Capital, the secret behind Sanjay’s success and what motivated Mr. Sanjay to start the initiative, Autism Rocks. The show also covered on what could be expected of the Autism Rocks Charity Concert this year.

Mr. Sanjay Shah is a successful and reputable business person who is also famed for his philanthropic works. He is the Chief Executive Officer and the mind behind Solo capita, a successful brokerage firm that was incorporated back in September 2011. The firm, which has its headquarters situated in London, England, specializes in consultations, proprietary trading, and professional sports investment. Mr. Shah’s entrepreneurial skills are unprecedented owing to more than three dozen companies he owns including The British Virgin Islands, Dubai, Luxembourg and the Cayman Islands, just to mention a few.

Mr. Sanjay Shah relayed his message to individuals who are thinking of venturing into new businesses. Mr. Shah mentioned that entrepreneurs make the common mistake of underestimating the cost of starting any business. He also mentioned that people who were planning to start a business should not be afraid to seek help as everything cannot be possibly done by a single individual. His bold initiative has since brought this inspiring business person closer to his family and earned him a deeper appreciation for music. During the interview, Shah brought up the topic of the Autism Rocks Festival, which included performances by well-known artistes, Flo Rida, and Tyga.

Mr. Shah came up with the initiative in honor of his son, Nikhil, who was diagnosed with the neurological disorder. Mr. Shah mentioned that he got the idea to initiate the Philanthropic event from well-known rapper Snoop Dogg. During a visit by Snoop Dogg to Mr. Shah’s house, the rapper inspired the business person to create awareness about autism through music by well-famed artists from all over the world. This brilliant initiative has been successful thus far, and funds are allocated to the Autism Research Trust. The trust, in turn, supports the Autism Research Centre at the Cambridge University that currently has fifteen ongoing research projects that aim to find those who will get autism and at an early age.

Mr. Shah displays not only entrepreneurial brilliance but also his generosity through his impressive initiative that creates awareness all across the globe. With such notable and outstanding achievements, Mr. Shah rightfully belongs on top of the list of most successful people in the world.


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Quality Medical Care from InnovaCare

InnovaCare Health is among the leading healthcare providers in North America. Their desire of wanting to offer quality healthcare to the public is the paramount propellant for coming up with cost beneficial strategies.

InnovaCare already in two Medicare Advantage plans

InnovaCare is popular in Puerto Rico for employing its system in two Medicare Advantage plans;
1. MMM Healthcare, Inc – It is the first in Puerto Rico.
2. MMM and PMC Medicare Choice

They have recorded a membership of up to 200000 in both Medicare plans. Both are among the fastest growing Medicare plans in the US. They are designed to enhance the physical and emotional wellbeing of their patients. 90% of patients treated through these schemes have well rated them. MMC and PMC were awarded a Meritorious Accreditation by the National Committee for Quality Assurance in 2011. They are the first and only plans to obtain accreditation from NCQA. Projects that meet the harsh requirements or exceed NCQA’s required standards are the ones who get Commendable Accreditation from the NCQA.

InnovaCare also offers Physician Practice Services

They are currently operating in one organization called MSO of Puerto Rico. It started back in 2009 as a lone company to provide services to MMM and PMC provider networks. The company offers administrative support to several medical groups and also works to ensuring patients get quality services.

InnovaCare’s Leadership Panel

Rick Shinto is the President and the Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare, Inc. He is a great author; he has done several articles on healthcare and medication. He attained his medical degree from the State University of New York Brook and his masters from the University of Redlands.

Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare, Inc. She had previously served as the Chief Operating Officer of InnovaCare. She has over twenty years’ experience in healthcare programs. She attained her degree from Binghamton University. Later on, she got her masters from New York University and Columbia School of Public Health.

Other workmates are;

1. Micheal J. Sortino is the Chief Accounting Officer and is a certified public accountant.

2. Jonathan A. Meyers is the Chief Actuary Officer, he a University of Connecticut graduate.

3. Douglas Malton is the Chief Financial Officer.

4. Christopher Joyce is the General Counsel. 

5. The Board of Directors which has eight members.

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InnovaCare’s Mission, Vision, and Values

Their mission is devoted to redefining healthcare operations to eradicate all the challenges the health departments bear. InnovaCare Health’s vision is to improve patients-doctors relationships and to create strong programs to enhance proper management in the healthcare centers, create cost beneficial care platforms and install quality service. The system is also build guided on several practical values, the main three are;

¬ They believe Patients come first

¬ Giving Quality Medical Care is what they are after

¬ They trust that Better Patient
-Doctor Relationships will give healthier outcomes

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