California Entrepreneur John Textor

Movie special effects have long fascinated people. Those who go to movies love the chance to be able to watch the screen as things happen there that are utterly unexpected. Many people are enchanted when they see something on the screen that amazes and delights them in some way. In recent years, movie special effects have become increasingly more sophisticated as directors and movie studios have started to respond to the needs of their clients and help them be even more enthralled when they enter the local movie theater.

One move executive who has done much to help continue to delight movie goers is John Textor. Textor has helped take charge of special effects in some of the recent decade’s most memorable movies. His work on movies such as Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and the Curious Case of Benjamin Button has been much noted and widely admired. Those who have been lucky to witness his work have been pleased as they are dazzled by when watching such movies. Textor is a graduate of prestigious Wesleyan University, where he did well academically. After leaving the college in the late 1980’s, he worked in various industries and then decided to make the world of movies and business his chosen career.

Since then, Textor has assumed various important leadership roles at companies that are devoted to helping making the movie going experience a better one for their clients. His work has focused on helping providing companies that make movies with the right help as they look to make ever more impressive special effects for the movies they are creating. In 2006, Textor became chairman as well as the Chief Operating Officer of Digital Domain in 2006. He was also appointed the head of the parent company of Digital Domain, a company called Digital Domain Media Group. Since that time he has helped do much to lead the companies that he heads through both the acquisition as well as the important reconstruction of the Digital Domain as it was transformed into the Digital Domain Media Group. At present, Textor has helped build on his work in this area as Executive Chairman of the company known as Pulse Evolution Corporation. He hopes to continue to work to explore new ways to help make movie going an even more delightful experience via the use of highly imaginative and very impressive special effects.

Madison Street Capital Maintains A Variety Of Great Financial Offerings

Prominent international investment banking firm Madison Street Capital
believes that offering effective business solutions is essential to
succeeding in the competitive global marketplace. Operated by Chief
Executive Officer Charles Botchway, this renowned company’s mission is
to deliver proprietary financial advisory services to high profile
individuals and major corporations around the world. With offices in
four locations including Ghana, Haryana, West Bengal, and Illinois,
this well-respected firm strives to present an extensive selection of
strategies related to corporate advisory, financial opinions, business
valuation, and asset management. Moreover, as a ten year old firm,
Madison Street Capital consistently surpasses their competitors by
customizing their investment solutions to adhere to the needs and
expectations of their clients. Most prominently, this extremely
lucrative corporation strives to maintain exceptional customer service
in all strategic business practices.

Since 2005, Madison Street Capital is recognized as the
best global investment firm that specializes in propelling middle
market public and private companies. Moreover, the company’s
uniqueness lies in their customer service oriented business model,
which promotes their mission through proprietary investment vehicles.
Essentially, the firm’s primary goal is to assist clients in
implementing their customized financial advisory offerings that
successfully capitalizes on unique growth opportunities. Moreover, as
the leading international banking corporation, Madison Street Capital
is skilled in partnering with many industry verticals and niche
markets to generate the most rewarding results through a variety of

Madison Street Capital’s extremely knowledgeable and highly qualified
team of research analysts, transaction professionals, and investment
experts have greatly influenced the firm’s rapid growth and expansion.
Because the company successfully works alongside their clients, the
advisors are well-equipped to identify and implement the best
financial solutions that surpass their clients’ needs. Remarkably,
Botchway and his group of talented employees proudly focus on super
communication skills, advance quantitative analysis, and well-proven
strategies, all of which is the foundation to unprecedented

Today, Botchway is most commended for maintaining expert teams of
success driven professionals who are skilled in implementing
customized advisory services to greatly enhance the overall
productivity of private and public organizations. With offices around
the world, the firm strives to offer a variety of relevant growth
opportunities to their well-respected clients. Remarkably, by
thoroughly understanding business areas such as corporate governance
and independence, Madison Street Capital remains the leader in
delivering unprecedented financial advisory services to middle market
corporations in Asia, North America, and Africa.

Reasons To Invest In Gold

In turbulent times, gold serves an investment that can provide a stable value like no other asset. While economic fluctuations can destroy the value of a stock and inflation can destroy the value of money, gold has been held as an investment for thousands of years and has never become worthless. But gold is not only a good investment in difficult times, gold can provide both peace of mind and positive returns in any market.

When the economies of the world are growing, gold is needed for both industrial uses and as jewelry. While the economies of the developed world tend to grow slowly, economic growth is often faster in the developing world. In fact, economic growth in the developing world has worked to increase the value of gold. Gold is highly prized in the developing world as jewelry, as part of cultural ceremonies and for its use in electronic manufacturing and other industries.

During economic downturns, gold is purchased as a hedge against market losses for financial instruments such as stocks and bonds. In fact, as the economy begins to fall, many investors sell their paper investments and buy gold, driving gold prices higher as financial markets continue fall. In the event of a complete economic and societal collapse, physical gold holdings are one of the few investments that will hold value. Physical gold, such as bars and coins, can even be personally carried and used to barter for the necessities of life.

The US Money Reserve is one of the most highly respected suppliers of gold coins and bullion and other precious metals. With a AAA rating from the Better Business Bureau and thousands of satisfied customers, investors can trust that US Money Reserve provides top notch products and excellent service. The company was built by professionals who know the gold industry and who can use their years of experience to provide an outstanding value to gold buyers around the world.

Bismark Welcomes Hingis To The QI Group Family

Martina Hingis, tennis superstar, is the newest brand ambassador for top direct sales company QNET. The official announcement came from QI Group’s Managing Director Joseph Bismark on September 18th during the V-UAE at the Hamdan Sports Arena in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Hingis’ intent to partner with the company was announced in front of a crowd of over 10,000 attendees.

V-Con is an annual convention held by The-V. Yearly, independent representatives of QNET gather with the intent to “celebrate, learn, and grow as a community,” according to the article originally posted on Business Wire. The 2015 V-UAE was also a huge celebration of QNET’s 17th birthday. Executives in attendance, such as Mr. Bismark, felt the best way to make this year’s convention memorable was by adding a new member to the QNET family.

Martina Hingis is a globally known tennis star and a five time Grand Slam Winner. She is also the Global Ambassador for the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Ms. Hingis received her title as Brand Ambassador from Mr. Bismark with pride. She said, “It’s a great honour to be associated with a global brand like QNET whose presence in more than 100 countries speaks volumes of its strength and popularity.” QNET has a long history of sports sponsorships, with Martina being the latest addition to their impressive lineup; Marussia Formula 1 team and the Manchester City Football Club are a few of the company’s past ambassadors.

Martina Hingis will also be representing the QNET brand while in India. She plans to participate in an assortment of QNET sponsored events while competing for the Champions Tennis League. In her role of Brand Ambassador, Hingis will focus on growing the QNET brand across the globe. She will be wearing QNET apparel as she competes as well as be promoting a number of other QNET products.

About QI Group Managing Director Joseph Bismark
Joseph Bismark is a founding director of the QI Group and in December 2008, he became the Group Managing Director. He is known both personally and professionally as being a multi-faceted, versatile, and dynamic individual. He leads his employees with one thought in the forefront of his mind: everyone is capable of achieving greatness.

Bismark has a thirst for knowledge that he is constantly quenching. He has done extensive training and studying in vedic philosophy, yoga, bonsai and martial arts. Bismark sees himself first and foremost as a follower and devotee of truth.

Source: Business Wire

The Puppies At The MailBox

We live on a dead end country road. It is not uncommon for people to drop off animals on our road. It’s sad that people would even stoop this low, but it happens all the time. One morning, I went out to the mailbox to see if we had any goodies waiting on us. It never ceases to amaze me what I find down at this box. I have found spiders the size of my house, snakes, raccoons and other things. This morning what I saw shocked me. It was a box of tiny puppies, all white. There were six in there and they looked like they might have a bit of golden retriever in them. I just sobbed. It was freezing cold and how could someone do this to these poor creatures?

I had to take them inside and see what I could do. My son was home from school that day and he came rushing when he heard all the yelping coming from the kitchen on My goal was to warm them up and feed them right away. I though they probably were weaned but didn’t know how well they would do on the large dog food that I had for our Rottweiler of 7 years. I gave them some milk, which they seemed to lap right up. They didn’t look malnourished, so I assumed they were pulled from mama and given the boot this morning. I sat there with tears in my eyes as I rubbed each one of them until they were toasty warm.

We watched them wrestle and play around and it was such a site. I knew I had to come up with something nutritious for them to replace the mother’s milk they lost. I strolled up and down the aisles of the grocery store looking for that one thing that they could eat. They still were really small; I estimated 5-6 weeks of age. I looked at the hard dog varieties, especially those for puppies, but I didn’t think they were ready for that. Then I saw the soft dog foods and I thought they would be perfect. One that seemed to stand out among the others was Purina’s Beneful products. I liked that they have been around since 2001; it made me feel more confident in their ability to give proper nutrition.

I loved the selections too. Beneful Prepared Meals comes in 8 different flavors. They use things like real chicken and lamb so I know that these little guys are going to get the proper nutrients. I love the containers too. They are completely resalable and if I don’t use the entire large bowl, I can store some for later. The puppies all loved it. I bought 1 of each of the 8 and found that they were just as happy with the chicken and rice as they were with the beef varieties. The fact that they use real vegetables, rice and grains that these puppies need, and it made me a believer.

All the animals have since gone to a good home. But I feel better knowing that I gave them the proper send-off. Whether the new owners continue this regimen or not is up to them, but it is one of the major components that saved these puppies lives that day.

Is Now The Time To Invest In Gold?

Investing in gold is one of the more intriguing ways a person can increase his or her net worth. Those who put money in gold during the recent boom period saw the value of their holdings increase significantly. Of course, no one can possibly state with 100% certainty what the price of gold will be in the future. There are a number of contributing factors that aid in the increasing of the price of gold per ounce. One of those factors is scarcity.

Right now, many nations are opting to procure large gold reserves. Speculation suggests that the reason they are purchasing so much gold is due to concerns about currency and stock values. China has amassed large amounts of gold in order to hedge against its collapsing stock prices. The weakness of the currency is another reason China has purchased so much gold and is holding the precious meal in reserve. Russia and India are two other countries looking to maintain huge stockpiles of gold to stabilize their economy.

What does this mean for the average investor? Basically, as demand for gold increases, so does scarcity. Such boosted demand and scarcity does create the potential for the value of gold to increase. Those who are investing in gold might discover their assets increase in value. Certainly, this would be the desired end result.

There is another factor that ties into the worth of gold. This would be collectability. Uniquely crafted and artistic looking gold coins or bars could end up increasing in value beyond their “mere” weight in gold.

Someone who is totally new to gold investing might think that gold bars or coins are not designed with many aesthetic features. After all, gold is gold no matter how it is shaped. To a degree, this is true but the artistry that goes into the crafting of certain bars and coins makes them a lot more appealing than others, As a result, the items gain additional value thanks to the desire to collect them.

US Money Reserve is one supplier of gold coins collectors and investors should look at. US Money Reserve has provided gold coins to hundreds of thousands of customers. Anyone interested in gold, platinum, or silver coins may wish to look over the inventory this business has available.

The gold market is an interesting one. Those looking over news reports about countries and collectors buying up large amounts of gold may wish to consider adding coins to their portfolio.

Simple Investment Tips To Keep In Mind

Below are some simple investment tips and advice that people can take into consideration.

Only Invest What You Can Afford To Lose
One of the most important investment tips that people should keep in mind is to invest only what they can afford to lose. The last thing anybody wants is to invest money that is supposed to be for bills and daily living expenses because if they lose their savings, then it may be hard to recoup the losses.

Diversity Is Important
All too often, when people invest, they don’t diversify and they end up putting all of their eggs in one basket. There are a number of reasons why people should diversify their investments, and one of those reasons is because it can reduce losses. For example, if you invest in a number of assets and one of those assets don’t perform very well and money is lost on it, then another asset may do better than expected, which means you may break even or make some gains.

Invest In A Business Of Great Value, Not One That Is Selling For Cheap
Some investors want to buy a business that is already established, but they tend to try to find businesses that have a very low price to it. This is fine if the company is of great value and if it is an amazing company. However, the last thing you want to do is invest in a company that is selling for cheap, but is only a decent company. In other words, investors want to buy and invest in businesses that have a great reputation and one that is likely going to succeed.

Think About Doing Business With Madison Street Capital
If a person needs financial opinions, or services that include valuation services, merger and acquisition expertise and other investment services, then they should consider doing business with Madison Capital. The company provides asset management, so if you have certain assets that need to be managed, then the company may be able to help you out.

Madison Street Capital works with clients all around the world, with offices in North America, Asia, and Africa. The company has been in business for many years and has the experience needed to help medium-sized firms and large corporations.

Contact Madison Street Capital today and see how they can help. Also, people should take the above tips into consideration, as it may help them out.

It Will Be Exciting To See What Brian Mulligan Does Next

When people find themselves feeling eager to look up to someone because of the hard work that they have shown throughout their career one of the greatest people that they could look to would be Brian Mulligan. This man has had a long career, and during his 30 year career he has been able to hold many titles. From being the executive vice president of one company to being the chief financial officer of another, Brian Mulligan has always been doing good work for the places that he has worked for. He has never given any company anything but his best, and it is because he is such a hard worker that he has seen so much success in his career and in all of the titles that he has held.
Brian Mulligan is currently the CEO of Brooknol Advisers, and he has done some great work for that company. He has taken all that he learned previously, from all of the companies that he worked for during the past 30 years, and he has applied everything that he learned to all that he does, now. He is also a sports writer, and he is great at doing that, as well.
Brian Mulligan is multi-talented, and he is someone who can serve as an inspiration to anyone who is hoping to have a great career. The things that he has done in the past 30 years are truly inspirational, and he is someone who everyone can be looking up to. He is someone who was never satisfied with accomplishing just one thing, but who instead set out to accomplish as much as he could. He wanted to be able to have a good career for himself, and that is just what he has had through the years.
Brian Mulligan is doing great work for Broonol Advisers, and he is doing great sports writing, currently. He will be sure to take on another challenge sometime soon, as he has always been wanting to keep learning and growing throughout his long career, and it will be exciting to see what he takes on next.

The Best Ways To Pick The Most Cost-Effective Law School In Brazil

Picking the right law school can be challenging. There are so many things you have to consider. One, you need to consider the cost. Two, you need to consider why you are there. What are your career goals? Will your goals match the money you invest?

Let’s look at some things you need to consider when applying to a law school.

1) Before you become a first-year J.D. candidate, map out what you want to do. Know where you want to go. This is important for any law student. If you are still up in the air at this point, you need to seriously question why you are in law school. I’m saying this to help. Have a plan of attack and make it as detailed as possible. This will also help you weigh the costs of going to a specific school. Don;t just choose a school because you are looking to be with your friends.

2)Scholarships are also big one. There is one specific question that needs to be asked with scholarships:

“Are the scholarships there for all three years?”

This is important. Too many students have let this ride. This came back to bite them later on. Always read the fine print.

3)Attending part-time might not be the best option. Yes, you will be earning money along the way; but, it might not be the best option. Why? The demands of law school are quite large. Too many students have found it nearly impossible to keep up with work and school at the same time. They found it to be too tiring. In the beginning it might be okay, but it will wear on you. Mark my words on this one. It comes to either students dropping out of school or dropping the job. You have to choose which one is more important.

4)Higher ranked schools are not always the best choice. Higher ranked schools are also more competitive. The lower ranked schools you can also get more of a discount with. The higher ranked schools are more about prestige. This should not be the main reason you choose a law school. Your law school should be based on the quality of education, not what society thinks is best. Sometimes the lower ranked schools can give you the same thing, just at a discount. Think about this.

When making your choice, think logically. Do not think emotionally. Do not just choose a school to be next to your best friend. Chances are, you are not being factored into your best friend’s choices. You need to take your own path. That is exactly what Ricardo Tosto De Oliveira Carvalho did.

Ricardo chose his own path. Now he is one of the top, and most respected lawyers in Brazil. If you have an interest in credit recovery law, you need to research Ricardo. He can tell you everything you need to do to make it. He is one of the best when it comes to helping his clients with financial recovery. If this is your field of interest, you need to put him at the top of your list.

Here is a small excerpt of Ricardo’s background to get you started.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho one of the founders of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. He is also a partner in the firm. He works specifically with clients who have issues with debt recovery. He also helps clients who are having issues with banks. He also helps out with disputes in civil and commercial rights.

He is a member of the IBA and sits on the Board of Directors for the CESA. He also is a writer and gives lectures. If you would like to have him come speak to your law class, ask him to. He does these lectures all the time. He is someone the students need to learn from and fast.

Environmental Law in South Africa

The environment is one of the areas that have received a lot of attention in the recent past. It has been necessitated by the fact natural resources are at risk every time. The environmental law refers to a set of rules, regulations, and statutes addressing the effect of human activity on the environment. Environmental laws have evolved over time, and this has been necessitated by the evolving world that faces new challenges every other day. Environmental laws are designed with the aim of protecting the natural environment from human and animal activity. Some of the areas covered by environmental law include; global warming, water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, depletion of oil, and availability of clean water.

Frans Schoeman

Frans Schoeman is the Managing Director at Phatsima Diamond, a law firm based in South Africa. Before his current engagement, Frans was engaged with Hofmeyr Herbstein & Gihwala Inc, which was also a law firm. He received his education from the University of the Free State and later proceeded to the Universiteit van die Vrystaat to further his studies. Frans Schoeman on cmt is an enterprising and motivated attorney who has an unmatched knowledge of corporate/commercial and business law that has made him one of the best in his field. His is keen to detail, and this has seen him experience a positive projectile in his career.

Administration of environmental law
The administration of environmental law may vary from one country to the other. There may be one or multiple entities tasked with the duty of enforcing environmental law. In the United States, for example, Environmental Protection Agency handles the administration of the laws. However, different states have their bodies that guide them in the implementation of the laws within their areas of jurisdiction. These laws usually cater for both environmental and human health. The agencies have the ability to pass the laws, enforce them and where possible institute criminal proceeding against people going to the set-out laws and procedures.

Environmental Law in South Africa
The South African environmental laws describe set rules and regulations set to conserve and protect the environment. There are some areas that are covered by the environmental laws in South Africa. The laws are developed with an international dimension in mind to ensure that they attain their goals ultimately. The position of the constitution of South Africa is also looked into when formulating the law. The legal framework is based on the work by The National Environmental Management Act, which is in charge of environmental issues.

The National Environmental Management Act (NEMA) states that an environment is a set of conditions that surround out an existence. Some of the components include the atmosphere, water, soil, plant and animal life, and a combination of many factors that influence our lives in a way or another. According to Jan Glazewski, there are three main areas that are covered by the environmental laws. These include; planning and development of land, utilization and conservation of resources, and pollution control and waste management.