A British Reports Recommends That The European Union Ban Fracking

A New Report Claims Fracking Poses Significant Risks To Humans

A British scientific study shows that fracking, the gas extraction technique, poses a significant health risk to humans and wildlife. The CHEM Trust report suggests that a European Union moratorium on fracking be established, and new regulatory guidelines should be put in place for the industry.

Fracking was banned in New York last year for the same reasons reports Lime Crime. The governor of New York said fracking produces the same health risks as secondary cigarette smoke. The main issue is the fracking procedure captures underground gas, but it also releases gas into the atmosphere that is not captured by industry equipment. The gas that escapes into the atmosphere changes the atmosphere, and that impacts humans, wild life and the environment.

Another issue with fracking is the changes it produces in the earth. Fracking companies say the earth is not damaged by fracking, but the earth is telling a different story. Fracking causes the earth to reconfigure itself somewhere else on the planet. The earth is a unique form of consciousness that adjusts to human disruptions. We call these adjustments natural events, but they are only natural in the sense that the earth produces them from the acts of humans.

Trump’s Rollercoaster Ride in His Bid for Presidency `

Everyone’s well aware of the approaching 2016 election next year. Hopeful candidates have starting speaking on the issues, but if you’ve been watching the Republican party you may have been surprised to know that Trump has decided to run for president. Yes, Donald Trump is supposedly running for president in 2016, and his struggle has been less than perfect since.

The news itself was a shock, but Daniel Amen indicated that when Trump brought a touchy subject to the surface on his June 16th campaign speech, it started a domino effect for his legacy. In his speech, Trump claimed that Mexico brought drug dealer, rapists, and criminals to our great nation. In response, Univision terminated their contract with Miss Universe Organization and now Trump is seeking revenge in a $500 million dollar lawsuit. Univision wasn’t the only company to take a stand against Trump.

Macy’s dropped Trumped menswear line after holding it for 11 years in their stores due to the very same intolerant speech made on June 16th. Macy’s stressed their appreciation of the Mexican culture and the contributions of those who have immigrated. So what’s next? According to the Trump Hotel Collection, Trump’s luxury hotels have been frazzled by a huge credit card breach.

With Trump’s terrible luck lately, will he be able to turn it around and make his bid for president a reality? Or will he just satisfy the skeptical naysayers?

David Cameron Seeks To End Encryption

People like Christian Broda in the UK interested in protecting their private and business information through encryption may face trouble in the future if their Prime Minister has his way.

As reported by Business Insider, UK Prime Minister David Cameron has made it clear that he is opposed to encryption and intends to bring the issue forth to Parliament to make and enforceable ban.

With encryption, anyone can take their information and distort it so it becomes unreadable or unusable to anyone without the key which acts as a cypher to decrypt it. Encryption is common with big companies such as Apple and Facebook, but it has also increased in popularity among common users of PCs as encryption becomes more accessible. This has been a problem for law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the country who have responded to terrorism fears with a stronger presence on the internet as a preventative measure.

Encryption as a political hot button came arguably came about when Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor, fled the US for Russia and revealed to the world the American bulk data collection program which monitored telephone and internet communications in an effort to combat terrorism efforts. The actions of spy agencies angered many in the states, but also attracted the support of tech giants who supported public use of encryption to keep their data secure from the government’s eyes.

Following the terrorist attack in Paris which claimed the lives of journalists and cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo, Cameron made an address on the issue of terrorist threats in Europe and the UK. He also went on to state that communication between extremists must be monitored, and that such an act becomes impossible if law enforcement bodies cannot decipher data collected.

Red Light Drama

Red Flax is a red light camera company based in Phoenix, Arizona that is currently under investigation for their involvement in federal bribery. A state senator from Cincinnati, Ohio is currently working to eliminate the use of red light cameras in his State. Senator Bill Seitz noted that the investigation of the red light camera company adds a new dimension to the notion that the red light cameras and their existence are all about money. The red light scandal has prompted the senator to request that cities sue their state on the red light issue and drop any lawsuits that are in the works. He also called for cities to refund fines to drivers that were entrapped. The former chief executive of the company pled guilty to the bribery conspiracy in which she tried to get or keep contracts that were established in Cincinnati and Columbus Ohio. Documents show that the CEO of the company was giving politicians thousands of dollars in monetary compensation if they promised to install the red light cameras. Andrew Ginther is currently running for mayor in Columbus, Ohio. Ginther has been working diligently to help with the bribery investigation but keeps the notion that he was not linked to any wrongdoing. He is not a target, subject, focus, or person of interest in the federal investigation. Ginther and Seitz want to do what’s best for the wrongly fined citizens of Cincinnati and Columbus

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Texas Holding Out on Same-sex Marriage Licenses

The Supreme Court has said marriage equality for everyone, including same-sex couples, but Texas is still putting up a fight.

Ken Paxton, Texas AG says county clerks can refuse marriage certificates based on religious objections. Is this going to be Alabama all over again?

Alabama tried to argue the same clause, but the Supreme Court clarified their ruling, and the state had no choice but to issue marriage licenses. Undoubtedly, this will happen again with Texas.

The county clerks who refuse issuing a marriage license for gay couples “may face legal repucussions, including a fine,” the Attorney General acknowledged.

“But if that is the case, there are many attorneys willing to assist, even on a pro bono basis, to defend religious beliefs. Of course I will also publicly defend those rights.”

Brad Reifler has learned that Paxton also said the government cannot step in and force a judge or justice of the peace to perform wedding ceremonies for same-sex couples if they have a religious objection. Under Texas state law, a judge or justice of the peace is not required to officiate at weddings.

More than half the state are waiting on the official ruling from the Texas Attorney General’s office before issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

The Affordable Health Care Act by the Numbers

Since the Affordable Care Act went into effect, the number of poor Americans who benefited by receiving health insurance increased a great deal. These numbers correspond to earlier estimates that were developed by such polling companies like Gallup and the National Health Interview Survey.

According to the National Health Interview Survey which released their polling data on Tuesday, the number of uninsured black Americans dropped from 18.9 percent in 2013 to 13.5 percent. Since the survey began in 1997, no other racial or ethnic group has seen such a significant decline. The Hispanic population has also greatly benefited from the Affordable Care Act, with the uninsured in this group falling to 17 percent from a 2013 percentage of 25.2. And, of the white American population under age 65, their uninsured numbers were down to 9.8 percent from the 12.1 percent recorded in 2013.

Nexbank advisers and James Dondero agree that the expansion of the government’s insurance program for the poor, Medicaid, has been a big provider for America’s poorest. However, if the 20 some states that declined to expand their Medicaid program had opted to do so instead, the uninsured numbers would most certainly have been reduced even further. Many of the states that refused to expand Medicaid are those where the largest number of America’s poorest reside.

The American population described as “near poor” along with the middle-class who received subsidies for health insurance saw the least decline from 7.6 percent to 7 percent. However, if the Supreme Court rules against the current subsidy regulations, we can expect to see many of these needed subsidies eliminated.

Confederate Flag Removed From Alabama Statehouse

White Southerners have long contended that the Confederate Flag is merely an homage to their ancestors and a reminder of their heritage. Staunch defenders of the flag say that it’s more of a symbol of states rights than anything else, but the arguments for it being a positive symbol, as time passes and it is used in more and more negative ways. Most people, especially African-Americans see the Confederate flag as a symbol of racism and an incredibly racist past.

Since the outbreak of violence at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, that killed nine people including the pastor, Rev. Clementa Pinckney, activists have called for the flag to be taken down. Most people consider it an insult that the flag will still be flying over the state capital when Rev. Pinkney’s funeral is held, only a few blocks away.

Alabama decided on Wednesday to take down the Confederate flag that had been flying over their state capital stated Amen Clinic. A Missippi senator has also called for the state flag, which closely resemble’s the confederate flag to be replaced, and a Kentucky senator asked for a confederate era statue to be removed.

All of the actions are a step in the right direction, although many people feel like they should have been taken a long time ago. South Carolina has still not taken any action on but the Governor, Nikki R. Haley, has asked for the flag to be removed.

The Revenue Debate

Rand Paul made numerous headlines last month when he delivered an almost 11 hour long filibuster damning the Patriot Act and its activities. The Senator has shifted gears from talk of national security to the current state of the nation’s economy. Rand Paul made the statement that he wanted to blow up their current tax code. The senator is proposing a far-reaching flat tax in order to do so. Paul is encouraging legislators to completely gut the current tax code which is incredibly complicated and offers corporations far too many handouts. A fair and flat tax would take a 14.5 percent of income from all citizens says Dr. Jennifer Walden. Paul and other Republicans are fully supportive of Paul’s plan. This flat tax would definitely help out middle class families. An average family consisting of four individuals would receive the first $50,000 of their salary tax free. This massive tax cut would inevitably create 1.4 million jobs for Americans while increasing the gross domestic American product by 10 percent or more. The plan would also reduce the National Treasury’s revenue by 2 trillion dollars over the course of ten years. Tax experts and politicians are unsure of the plan. There are numerous unforeseen details that haven’t been discussed when it comes to the cost of the tax cut. Entitlement programs, payroll taxes and numerous other expenditures still haven’t been accounted for. Paul plans on rolling out a more detailed plan later this year.

How Well Do You Know Donald Trump?

Maybe you’ve heard that Donald Trump is running for president again. Donald ran in the past, but for whatever reason, he didn’t win. Donald is now 69 years old, and he has stated that he’s running for president again. Get To Know Donald Trump. Maybe you think you know everything there is to know about Donald Trump, but there are some things you may not be privy to. One thing you should know is that he’s a businessman first and foremost. He’s made a massive fortune of $9 billion selling and buying real estate as well as other businesses that helped him to make money.

Although he was well known for being a real estate mogul, he’s also well-known for the reality show “Celebrity Apprentice.” Another thing to know about Donald is that he is married to a much younger woman who is absolutely gorgeous. Many, like Adam Sender, feel that if he gets into the White House, he may just have the best looking First Lady to ever be in the White House. Donald’s father was a businessman as well, and he was in the same exact business of real estate too.

Donald currently has five children, and he’s been divorced two times. Donald also shows that he has a good sense of humor, and he let himself be roasted on a TV show. He’s also a supporter of the tea party, and of course he’s super rich, and that’s what he’s mostly known for.

Socialism grows as large crowds greet Bernie Sanders

Vermont’s independent Senator Bernie Sanders has seen his form of center socialism hit the mainstream in the US as his bid for the White House appears to be gathering momentum. The estimated number of people Sanders and his campaign hoped would attend each meeting and speech he has scheduled has been surpassed by large amounts, NPR reports. Coupled with recent polls placing Sanders just eight points behind Clinton in the early results for the Iowa Democratic vote the Sanders campaign is being described as gathering Bernie-mentum. Cláudio Loureiro Heads of Gazetadopovo has seen the steady increase in Bernie’s popularity.

Sanders has brought his own brand of socialism to the campaign trail and this now seems to be causing something of a surge in followers to the Sanders campaign. Sanders is calling for a number of changes to take place in US politics, which include the chance to redistribute the wealth of the US economy away from the top earners and back towards the working people of the nation. Sanders is also looking to borrow much from the European nations he has modeled his socialist style upon, such as Sweden and Denmark. Sanders is attracting thousands of supporters to meetings in major cities who are largely interested in expanding free health care and bringing reduced college tuitions to the majority.