How Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade Is Changing The Automobile Industry In Brazil

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is a renowned businessman and the founder of CAOA, the leading car dealer company in Brazil. CAOA specializes in the production and distribution of vehicles in Brazil and Latin America. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade started the company in 1979, and the company has grown to be a leading car distributor in every region Brazil. The company has official distribution rights for Hyundai, Subaru, and Ford motors. Since the late 1990s, CAOA has been the only company authorized to import Subaru and Hyundai. The company manufactures the Tucson SUVs, HD80 trucks, and HR trucks in its Annapolis factory. Since its establishment, CAOA is responsible for the supply of more than one million vehicles in Brazil.

In a recent article by Feldman posted in the car talk portal, the editor in chief pointed out that Dr. Carlos has for a long time harbored a dream of manufacturing his cars just like the Koreans. He was in talks with a company in Italy to come up with a good design for his Tucson that will be powered by diesel engines manufactured by Fiat.

Six years after the interview, Feldman revisits Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade dream to see whether it was a success. He succeeded in his dream by partnering the Chinese in his business, took over Chery and continued its operation in Annapolis, where he manufactures Hyundai as well. The success of CAOA as reported by Fieldsmen is that Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade had a good solution to the challenges the Chinese faced.

According to Feldman, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is changing the vehicle industry in Brazil, a country that had no big car manufacturing company apart from the failed attempts by Eike Batista and JaoaGurpel. He studied journalism with a specialty in automotive. In a post from, it was said that his knowledge as a journalist helped him to secure dealership deals, and create an assembly line that helps him in the marketing and distribution of new cars in Brazil.

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How JD.Com Made Richard Liu the 16th Wealthiest Person in China

The e-commerce business is up-and-coming, as it offers marketing solutions to companies and helps grow their sales by doing useful customer data analyzing and selling products that will effectively get the customer’s attention. Richard Liu Quiangdong became the founder of one of the most significant e-commerce business in China: became very successful and isn’t that old of a company yet. It also isn’t the first business created by Liu.  After studying sociology in the Renmin University of China, Richard Liu created his own shop named Jingdong while he studied at the International Business School. This was the first business ever established by Liu.

In Jingdong, Richard Liu learned more about business administration, sales, communication skills and what skills were necessary for successful entrepreneurship. was an outspoken success, but Richard’s first business wasn’t a failure either. The entrepreneur’s shop ended up growing to at least 12 establishments before the owner decided to move on to his next project, and this growth was only in the span of three to four years. uses data analysis and collection to improve the shopping experience of customers and pair them with products that are interesting to them. As the current CEO and founder of, Richard Liu has gathered a lot of experience and knowledge of the e-commerce industry.

As such, he is one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the industry in China, and holds the place of one of the biggest e-commerce brands of the country. Because of the success of his brand, Richard Liu is the 16th wealthiest person in all of China, and his net worth is estimated to be around $10.8 billion. Richard Liu began studying and educating himself at a very early age, and he was always hardworking. During his time studying sociology at the Renmin University of China, he was also working as a freelancer programmer to improve his coding skills, which he would use to create his online commerce brand. As of now, has also launched their e-commerce platform in Thailand. They have successfully expanded their retail platform and are offering their shopping experience to more businesses.

Alastair Borthwick – Writer And Journalist

Alastair Borthwick was a journalist, author, and broadcaster remembered by many. He has two novels that are considered classics by critics and the like. Interestingly, Borthwick dropped out of school to write and be an editor, where he also wrote articles on the town he lived in and about the people in it. Then he started working in journalism until he moved back to Glasgow from London after not enjoying it. One piece in general that he wrote called, “Always a Little Further” would become a hit based on a sport in Scotland.

Alastair Borthwick also served in the army during World War II as an intelligence officer. He then wrote about it in a book, which was met with critical acclaim. Borthwick settled down to a girl named Anne and took several hobbies such as fishing and broadcasted with BBC. He lived in various places with his wife to help out at festivals. Alastair then went into the television industry, producing many different programs. The writer and man of many talents would then pass away in 2003, after living in a nursing home for years.

Some of his greatest hits were stories on the environment with a thrilling recount of mountain climbing. “Always a Little Further” would be his masterpiece based on the working class. Hiking and climbing became popular back in the day and the declining economy only helped out even more with people using their time to climb with being unemployed. Alastair Borthwick had such a talent in writing about these adventures as he stood apart from many other writers of his generation. His writing style, details, and humor would make him stand apart from the others. Another popular writer called T.S. Eliot put it into print. Over time Borthwick knew he wanted to be a writer as he had a passion for the subject and was addicted to the craft. He took a lot of different jobs being a writer/journalist and stayed to his craft above all.


Hussain Sajwani – Chairman DAMAC Isn’t Interested in Arab Politics

Hussain Sajwani is the current chairman and the founder of DAMAC Properties. DAMAC properties is a Dubai based real estate developer with interests in international properties. DAMAC has interests in luxury properties. Mr. Sajwani is the 10th richest Arab and ranks amongst the 100 most influential Arabs in the world. He also has a proven track record of setting up some of the biggest and most successful business in the world.

Sajwani attended the University of Washington and acquired a degree in economics. His career kicked off as a manager at the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company where he established his own business shortly after. The rest is a history of success and excellence. He started by creating a catering business since he had some interests in the hotel industry.

Mr. Sajwani has been tagged as one of the founding fathers of the real estate and property market in Dubai. In the 1990’s, Hussain built a number of hotels in order to accommodate the huge numbers of people coming to Dubai to do business. He then established DAMAC properties in the year 2002. His company has grown to be the largest privately owned property merchant in the Middle East. He is the director of several other companies in the Middle East and some others in Europe and the United States.

In a recent interview, Hussain says that he has been motivated to work greatly with the Chinese and establish investments in China too. He is also thankful that the government of the UAE has been having extended bilateral talks with China. He is certainly sure that as an investor, he will benefit greatly.

Hussain Sajwani asserts that there is a need for diversity in business. This is the sole reason why apart from DAMAC, he has vast interests in the Hotel Industry. He says that DAMAC properties is based purely on diversity. Diversity gives the company a range, a very important aspect of business. Surprisingly, DAMAC has employees from over 77 countries around the world.

Finally, Hussain Sajwani says that he is not very interested in politics. He is only interested in government policies that might affect his business operations.


The Political Journey of Fransisco Domenech

The name Fransisco Domenech is popular in the political scenery in the United States, and especially in Puerto Rico. He graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He is known to be an ardent supporter of the Democratic Party. According to him, the principles that have always guided him in the political field are honesty and transparency

Political Roles Played

In 2003, Fransisco Domenech founded the Puerto Rico Young Democrats whose primary role was to promote the activities of the youth in Puerto Rico, and to encourage them to get involved in the United States Democratic Party.

He also serves as the managing partner of a law firm that specializes in government affairs known as Politank. The firm is well known for coming up with strategies that present the needs of the private citizens before government agencies.

In the presidential campaigns of both 2008 and 2016, he served as Hilary Clinton’s campaign manager. In 2008, Clinton was able to beat Obama in the primary polls in Puerto Rico, where she got 68% of the votes while Obama got 32% as a result of Domenech’s campaigning efforts. In 2016, Domenech raised nearly $200, 000 to help Clinton carry out her campaigns.

He acted as the campaign manager for Jeniffer Gonzalez in the year 2016, and she ended up becoming the first woman to serve as the Resident Commissioner representing Puerto Rico in Washington. He also served as legal counsel to the Senate President Kenneth McClintock at a time when Puerto Rico was suffering from financial crisis. His duties included providing legal advice, and representing the Senate in court hearings. Read more about Domenech at

Awards and Recognition

The 40 under 40 is an event held in Puerto Rico where 40 young, outstanding entrepreneurs are nominated, and the people get to vote. Due to the economic challenges that have been facing Puerto Rico, this event is considered to be essential, since it provides hope for the economy. It is also an opportunity to appreciate these entrepreneurs for remaining strong and making great achievements despite the economic challenges. In the year 2016, the business editor of the Caribbean Business executive, that is responsible for organizing the event, revealed that Fransisco Domenech was among the people who received a lot of votes from the readers.



Fortress Chairman Wes Edens Kicks in Millions to Buy Soccer Club

Wes Edens is one of the co-founders of Fortress Investment Group. The company was founded in New York in 1998 as a private equity firm. Wes currently serves as Chairman of the Board. At this time, with 2018 marking of its 20th year in business, Fortress proudly directs assets valued at approximately $43 billion.

The globally renowned firm of Fortress Investment Group is a diversified asset manager for their investor clients. Wes Edens, along with Randal Nardone and Pete Briger, are the three principals of the company. Wes and Randal work in the headquarters in New York City, and Pete is located in the San Francisco office. All three were members of the firm in 2007 when the company went public. The firm has been considered a trendsetter for many years, and it became the first private investment company to trade on the New York Stock Exchange.

Wes Edens is reportedly going forward with the purchase of a majority stake in the Astro Villa soccer team, along with Nassef Sawiris, a billionaire businessman of Egyptian descent. The two men will jointly hold 55% of the ownership of the team in a deal that is estimated to cost $39 million. The club’s current owner, Chinese businessman Tony Xia, will continue on as a Board member. He took over the club’s ownership in 2016. The announcement was made by a spokesman for the English team in late July of 2018.

Of the three founders of Fortress Investment Group, only Wes Edens and Randal Nardone remain at the firm. The third founder was Rob Kaufman, who retired from the firm in 2012. They all possessed extensive financial experience, and their leadership helped to grow the company to its current level of 900 employees and 1,750 clients. The firm’s areas of expertise include corporate mergers and acquisitions, asset based investments, real estate investments, operations management, and in the capital markets.


Ryan Seacrest Founded An Awesome Organization

Ryan Seacrest’s abode is a $75,000 per month townhouse in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. He lives there because his lucrative career has led him to this part of the world. “’Live!’ With Kelly Rippa” is his newest host job. However, the real gold mine in Ryan Seacrest’s career was American Idol. American Idol stamped Ryan Seacrest’s voice into the minds of millions of Americans who watched the vastly popular show. The contestants on the show came from all over the United States. Each season, there was an initial audition round in which the show toured all around the United States and auditioned singers. In each round, singers were kicked out of the competition. When a small enough pool of singers remained, who would stay and who wouldn’t depended on how many votes came in from random callers. The show became really, really big, but toward the end it lost some steam.

Ryan Seacrest, a radio show host and a producer, is not just a host—he is also the founder of an organization called the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. His foundation is about making the lives of sick children a thousand times better. Media centers are installed in medical centers that are dedicated to the care of sick children. These media centers are places where children are exposed to the wonders of communications and media. This is really amazing because it serves various purposes. One purpose is to make children’s days full of wholesome, enriching, interesting experiences that they may not have been exposed to, otherwise. Another purpose is to introduce children to the career field that is so close to the heart of Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest).

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation also gives a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to college students to pad their resumes and life experiences with work. College students man the media centers that are built by the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. According to Business Of Fashion, this is a godsend for young people who are in college because, nowadays, college students and recent graduates are lucky with anything that they get—when it comes to work and experience.

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How Victoria Doramus is Supporting Businesses after Overcoming Drug Addiction

The final measure of a man lies in his attitude when there are challenges and not when there are comfort and convenience. Those are the words of Martin Luther Junior King. Perhaps you have heard of these words. One person who has stood the test of time over the last few years is Victoria Doramus.

A Preview of Doramus and her Career

Victoria Doramus is prominent for overcoming her challenges. Strength and dedication define her character as an individual. Today, she speaks more of her career success. As an experienced marketer and brand ambassador, she has cultivated the virtue of patience. She has also worked hard to ensure that she is consistent with the current brands in the industry. As such, Doramus is known for having a rich culture and history in creative work, design, including consumer retail trends. Apart from that, she has worked as Mindshare, Creative Arts Agency, in addition to Trendera. Besides, Doramus has also worked as Peter Borg’s assistant.


There has never been a more thrilling moment to be a marketing guru. Today, new technologies are popping up on a daily basis. They have been designed to assist marketing professionals in analysing data as well as automate tasks. Even with all the tools, there is a demand for an excellent range of skills. That is where Victoria Doramus comes in again. She is an experienced marketer with a never-ending aura of cocktails and parties to deliver speeches on behalf of glamorous makeup companies while celebrating the success stories of different brands.

Overcoming Challenges

Even though Doramus has been successful in her business, it did not come the easy way. She is a former substance abuser and has spent most of her time recovering from the addiction. She terms this as a long process coupled with difficulties especially after she hit rock bottom. But, thanks to her courage and determination, she is now sober. She uses her story to empower people experiencing challenges in life to be better especially when battling drug use. Apart from that, Doramus is convinced that everyone irrespective of their situation can overcome challenges.

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The Heinous Acts of Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Joe Arpaio is a sheriff for Maricopa County in Arizona. He has done many heinous acts which include the false imprisonment of the Village Voice Owners, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. Joe Arpaio ordered to have these two men taken from their homes because of details that were brought up during an investigation.

Lacey and Larkin, who work for the Village Voice Media Publication in the Phoenix Times Newspaper, published a piece that was about the probing of the Grand Jury. During this time the Grand Jury had an investigation open on the two men. As part of the publications, they stated how Arpaio focused on women and inmates. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Especially those that are immigrants. He was very upset about the publications that were written about him because he had just been inaugurated into the sheriff’s office, and the media is putting his dirty work out in the open.

Since Arpaio seems to target immigrants, the United States District Judge Murray Snow explained to him that suspicion is not a good enough reason to detain someone. It is against the Constitutional law to detain someone with no evidence. Arpaio was charged with violating the rights of immigrants about ten years ago.

Joe Arpaio works as sheriff and continues to target immigrants. The works that Arpaio puts towards immigrants, the media is beginning to notice what he continues to do. Since Lacey and Larkin leaked his bad doings to the public, Arpaio arrested them.

He had no grounds to do this. Just because the men wrote a story about what he is doing as the sheriff, they did not do anything wrong. Since the two men had been arrested, there is a special prosecution team that is investigating the situation. This investigation went from not being written about at all to be a national story. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Lacey and Larkin Speak Out on Trump Pardon of Arpaio | Phoenix New Times

After Lacey and Larkin had been in prison for less than a month, they were released. Due to Arpaio’s malpractice events, the two men filed a law suit because of their illegal arrest. They were awarded three point seven million dollars for their troubles.

After Arpaio lost this law suit, he was not re-elected for his seventh term as the Sheriff of Maricopa County in Arizona.

Paul Mampilly Is Making The Average Investor Better

Paul Mampilly is a well-known investor in the United States that has managed to make a fortune for himself and retire by the age of 42 years old. Although he retired from the daily trading of stocks on wall street, Paul Mampilly still dedicates time each day to write for Banyan Hill Publishing, one of the biggest financial congregates out there today. Thousands of investors tune in on a daily basis to see the latest tips and strategies that have been publishing to Banyan Hill by there many great financial experts. Paul Mampilly is a senior editor for Banyan Hill Publishing and currently runs his own newsletter which brings in more than 90,000 readers per issue.

This newsletter is known as Profits Unlimted and Paul Mampilly fills it which detailed information on how other investors can make small changes to their investment game to make big profits in the long run. Today, Paul Mampilly works for Banyan Hill Publishing, but he has worked at various different companies in the past in the financial sector, including the likes of Deutsche Bank, Stansberry Research, Kinetics Asset Management, Royal Bank, and many more. Through his work at these companies, Paul was able to build a vast amount of information and compile his own methods for investing in the US markets.

When it comes to finances and investing, Paul already knows all that he needs to know and he certainly has achieved the success he wanted. These days, Paul just wants to help the little guy make his way up the ladder of the investment industry with detailed and thorough information. More than just helping investors find ways to enhance their careers, Paul works to help his readers maintain their results and expand on them in the future as well. One of the biggest mistakes that he sees new investors make is shooting for high risk investing or putting all their money into one stock, which is one of the worst ideas for someone just starting out.